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FEB. 7, 2006

Political comments and grief are mixed at Coretta Scott King's funeral. Click here to watch as four presidents, celebrities and others salute King with a grand farewell.


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Afeni Shakur 

Tupac Shakur's mother, Afeni Shakur activist, Black Panther, poet, actress, NY 21 political prisoner,  addicted to freedom and liberation The Black Panther Party, life addicted to the assessment of Amerikkka's idea of her:  helpless Black woman without a clue to what life is/was about. Being born Black in the 1960's-1970's was a struggle for dignity and power. A time to challenge prejudice and edicts, sexism etc. Corporate and institutionalized deaths, her language is fierce and loving hard and soft her words are lullabies and martial songs. Her words, so untold full of secrets waiting to reveal themselves, Tupac
and Afeni are two miracles! two individuals daring to live and create and love.

Both cross color, class and gender. Afeni is indeed the miracle woman wonder. Afeni comes from a very closed world, from Lumberton, North Carolina. She moved to New York when she was in the sixth grade, she was 11 and lived in the Bronx. she went to the Performing Arts High School in Manhattan. She wanted to be an actress. When she was in her late teens she would go to Manny's Bar on 169th St. in the Bronx. This guy use to come in there named Shaheed. At the time I was a greasy short haired little colored girl, skinny, with no breasts and never had no butt,  she wasn't the one men would look at but she was smart and had a nice smile. Shaheed introduced her to the lessons given by the Nation of Islam.

As she listened to Brother Shaheed, she began to like herself, because of what she was, this little Black girl with short hair. He introduced her into MalcolmX, At 19 she got a job working at the post office, she met a brother there, and they became lover, she was with him when she first saw the Black Panther Party, they found their Blackness together, She had gone to the Black Power Conference in Philadelphia and that singular event affected her like no other even in her life. She had seen the pictures of the Black Panthers in Sacramento.

What a wonderful sight that was to her, A black woman who was unapologetic, told her if she wanted to be a revolutionary she didn't have to do anything but walk through the supermarket with a razor blade and run her hands across the flour and the sugar An act of  resistance She saw Elderige Cleaver, you have to have heard him to know how wonderful and beautiful he was and what a motivator he was for those of us who didn't go to college or who were dropouts from college, she explains. His words became like food, hope and dreams in her brain,  her name Afeni was given to her by the brother who built the Yoruba village in South Carolina, Afeni means "dear one" or "lover of the people".

Harlem Time It was the first time Afeni heard the Ten Point Program of the Black Panther Party and she was truly hooked. She heard Bobby Seale recite the Ten Point Program. He could recruit a town full of Black people just by saying it. Meetings for the Black Panther Party, were held at L.I.U. on Saturdays at 1:00 p.m. Afeni was there every Saturday.


The Panthers got involved in the school strike. She was now part of the Black Panthers Party and Lumumba Shakur's wife. Lumumba later got arrested and one other member was beaten up, two were killed in L.A. And the trigger was allegedly pulled by members of the Ron Karenga Led, United Slaves (US) Organization. There was a party rally the next morning, At 5:00a.m. there was banging at Afeni's apartment door,  Lumumba ran to the door and looked out the peak hole, there was a fire and a whole bunch of people yelling.

He opened the door and police came in with shotguns at his head, one at his stomach and one on my stomach. Brother Lumumba was a polygamist. Sister Sayeeda was his first wife, Afeni at first disrespected her, She thought Sayeeda wasn't bad enough to be the wife of this revolutionary brother. Afeni now feels it was cruel and insensitive, but she didn't  understand that then. But she accepted Afeni into her home, All I did was make her life miserable and i was with her husband, which we were sharing. Earlier the police took Lumumba and Afeni in a caravan, to the D.A.'s office, there she saw everybody in the party. Her sister and her sisters husband scraped together all the money they could to bail me out of jail. They raised 1000 dollars. But when they go into the courtroom the first name they call is Lumumba Abdul Shakur.

They announce his bail at 100,000 dollars, they got to my name and said the same. She thought they were mistaken. They didn't misspell her new name. So she went to jail and there she sat for eleven months while George Jackson, Jonathan Jackson and Fred Hampton were killed. While in jail She was about organizing the jail, anybody and anything she could. Finally woman from the church raised her bail The Dickersons (Charlotte and Angela) and their friends. Black and White women raised 64,000 dollars in cash and then the church put up 36,000 dollars in church property.

They weren't even party members! Young and older woman, Black and White Leftist lawyers Church going mommas. She was amazed by that. Bail revoked, she was imprisoned in the Women's House of Detention in Greenwich Village. In her cell she patted her belly and said, "This is my prince. He is going to save the black nation. "By the time Tupac was born on June 16, 1971, Afeni had already defended herself in court and been acquitted on 156 counts. Living in the Bronx, she found steady work as a paralegal and tried to raise her son to respect the value of an education. From childhood, everyone called him the "Black Prince". I named him Tupac Amaru Shakur (Shining, Serpent, Blessed One). I wanted him to have the name of revolutionary, indigenous people in the world. I wanted him to know he was part of a world culture and not just from a neighborhood...

When he was two years old and did something wrong, I would say to him, an independent Black man wouldn't do that. He was always an independent Black man! I wasn't by myself when my son Tupac died: a lot of mommas have lost their sons to this country's violence. I AM NOT ALONE.  So don't try to isolate me,  If you do, it will relieve ordinary people of assuming their important roles. We all have important roles to assume before we leave this planet."

African Women: The Necessity of Struggle
All African Peoples Revolutionary Party Educational Brochure

"The total liberation and unification of African under an All African Socialist Government must be the primary objective of all Black revolutionaries through out the world. It is an objective which when achieved, will bring about the fulfillment of the aspirations of Africans and people of African descent everywhere. It will at the same time advance the triumph of the international, socialist revolution."--Kwame Nkrumah

"The freedom and development of the African woman are indispensable to the freedom and emancipation of the African people"--Ahmed Sekou Toure

Myths are stories which, however marvelous and improbable to us, are nevertheless told to explain why something exists or happens. Unfortunately, myths can program the writing of history. Myths disguise truth and are potentially destructive, particularly when their legends become institutionalized. Our task is to help destroy the damaging uses of myths be destroying the system which created the myths regarding African women as we attempt to re-educate and search for new formations and symbols.

The system that created these myths is capitalism. Capitalism is an economic system by which individuals (the owners of the top corporations in the world) are allowed to deny the masses of workers and unemployed an equitable share in the wealth of the world, thereby denying the masses basic necessities (adequate nutrition, clothing, shelter and education) for living productive lives and thus limiting the productive capabilities to uplift humanity.

In attempting to analyze the situation of the African woman in America, one sees many myths. The system of capitalism under which we all live has attempted by many devious ways to destroy the humanity of African people since the inception of slavery. This has meant an outrageous assault on every African man, woman, and child who resides inside and outside the United States. Unfortunately African men and women have not understood the forces against them and have accepted negative capitalist evaluations.

African women face triple oppression all over the world as workers, as Africans and as women. African women must destroy the myth that in order for the African man to be strong the African woman must be weak. Both must be urged to be strong. The African people need strength. Telling African women to step back is to tell the African people to wait for liberation from the poor conditions they are living under today. In this highly industrialized world, every member of the African nation must be as educationally and technologically developed as possible.

The only way to deal with capitalism, the root of the damaging myths we speak of, is through organizing ourselves in order to equip ourselves to destroy capitalism. The All African Women’s Revolutionary Union (AAWRU) was established for the purpose of recruiting African women to work for their people in the context of an organization fighting for the people. The AAWRU is the women’s wing of the All African People’s Revolutionary Party.

African women must begin to deal with the problems of the African masses for their problems are one in the same. A revolution that engages the participation of every man, woman, and child brings about a certain transformation in that man, woman, and child. It is through struggle for Pan-Africanism and the liberation of all African people that the African woman can and will achieve emancipation from her triple oppression.

"Revolution entails not only the willingness to lay our lives on the firing line... To die for the revolution is a one-shot deal; to live for the revolution means taking on the more difficult commitment of changing our day-to-day patterns. This means changing the traditional routines that we have established as a result of living in a corrupted society." (Frances Beale)

The African woman must realize that she has a right and a responsibility to participate in the struggle for the African people’s right to self-determination. Participation in this struggle is part of the history of African women, part of the present, and it will be part of the future.

African women historically have made immeasurable and decisive contributions to the struggle to liberate Africa despite the advance of colonialism. In spite of oppressive social contradiction, there are numerous examples of African women rising to crush the myths and lies of her incapabilities as she rose to the heights of human capability.

Dr. Anna J. Cooper, born August 10, 1859, led a struggle for the education of African women in America. An educator, activist, and author of "A Voice from the South, By an (African) woman of the South," Dr. Cooper was a speaker and campaigner for Pan-Africanism. She spoke before the first Pan-African Congress organized by WEB DuBois and Sylvester Williams in London, 1900.

Yaa Asantewaa of Edweso, Queen Mother of Ashante, in 1900 spurred one of the most determined resistance movements in African history. With her personally trained bodyguards she waged guerrilla warfare to seize the kingdom’s traditional Golden Stool from the British. She put all her funds towards the national struggle, totally committing her life to freeing her nation from British colonialism.

Azanian/South African Winnie Mandela continuously struggled as a member of the ANC against the oppressive Apartheid system. In 1963 she was placed under a banning order for five years. She was held again in 1969 for 491 days and after five months was charged under the Suppression of Communism Act. She was then tried in 1970 with other members of the ANC and served five years under house arrest. In 1976 after her release from detention she stated, "We are gathered here not only to discuss common problems but also to rediscover ourselves, our dignity, and to instill in ourselves self-reliance and self-respect." Though pregnant at the time, she participated in a massive women’s anti-pass demonstration. As a result of her activities with student uprisings in Soweto, Winnie Mandela was banned to an isolated area outside the country.

We see, through these examples, that incapability does not lie with the African woman, but with the system which seeks to cripple and confuse the African masses. African women, like any other oppressed people must take the initiative in destroying conditions in society that block their development and the development of the African people as a whole. She must struggle to correct the backwardness of her fellow sisters who have not yet accepted their responsibility and the men who maintain backward tendencies that undermine the development of all Africans. Women must organize their people to liberate themselves from the vestiges of capitalism. This is the only solution to the problems currently facing them. African women in mass must organize to employ the genius of all African women to move towards the advancement of socialist revolution in a united Africa. Scientific socialism is the political and economic system that operates for the good of all humans in society as opposed to just a select few as we have under capitalism.

Around the world the progressive political organizations and revolutionary parties are proving this. Assata Shakur is the leader of the Black Liberation Army that is waging armed struggle in the United States for socialism. She broke out of the Federal Penitentiary and is now teaching in Cuba. Mozambican women took up arms alongside their men. Josina Machel, wife of late President Samora Machel died in struggle. The women of Zimbabwe under the leadership of the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) played a key role in their liberation composing approximately 30% of the liberation forces. "Liberation Through Participation" was their slogan. Korea, Palestine, Guinea, Angola, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Vietnam, Cuba and Ireland have all had women who made clear their contribution to the socialism revolution with their blood and have insured their ongoing participation by establishing women’s unions which guarantee their input and the development of equality between men and women.

The All African Women’s Revolutionary Union pledges:

To develop African women’s historical tradition to struggle and increase her ability to shoulder the revolutionary responsibilities necessary to forward Pan-Africanism; To help develop African children into revolutionaries and to dedicate the lives, work, skills and all creative energies to the liberation of African women, African people, and oppressed people around the world; To carry out the above goals with revolutionary discipline, and consistent ideological and organizational development.

Sistaz Can Spark Da Revolution!!!
by Jehvon Buckner of Da Ghetto Tymz

"I can't tell you how many 5 and 6 year-oldz I've seen that gotta weave. On top of that, according to health historian, Dr. Imhotep Llaila Afrika, there is a chemical used to make weaves called Cacinologue that causes not only mood swingz, but breast and prostate cancer!”

Several yearz ago, I published a piece that, I feel, may have gone overlooked by the Afrikan. Many mistook this article as a promotion piece for the male conscious crew to get props by biggin' up our sistaz, for we know the weight of our fate bearz primarily on your shoulderz. On the contrary, since this piece, I've dealt with more sistaz that felt a brutha was just to get (physically) wit' a sista, than my just wanting to mentally stimulate my counterpart with an idea that could evolve to be one of the greatest strategic moves on the board! As I engulfed denial and sometymz laughter 'cause there's a lot of sistaz who don't care about bein' conscious, dem wan fi know how large you livin'. I, at first grew frustrated, even to the point where I felt sistaz, in their present mindstate couldn't spark da revolution! But as I turned to the Ancestorz for guidance, I was blessed with a perspective that altered my once slighted view upon the sistaz of today.

This piece goes to the Supreme Goddess' who have the true spirit of, Queen Nzingha, Tiye, Assata, Yaa Asantewa, Auset and all other unmentioned sistaz who are the real divaz of Afrikan antiquity. This piece is also guided by the 7th principle of MAAT, Gender (everything has both masculine and feminine qualities), for the pendulum of white supremacy is coming to an end and beginning to swing to the positive side of Afrikan liberation and we bruthaz who claim to consciousness must relinquish our male chauvinizmz and make way for the other half of the whole!

This is a principle violated by both male and female. That's Y it's difficult for even conscious folk to allow sistaz to take their rightful place, BESIDE the Afrikan man, not BEHIND. I've witnessed it numerous tymz where "conscious" bruthaz have a problem allowing sistaz to share frontline. Although their intensionz may be to "protect" her, because of both personz ignorance this ancient principle practiced by our Ancestorz, even the sista willingly steps backward. Wayne Chandler, author of Ancient Future, stated, "[T]his principle is absent in Western culture, most probably due to the entrenched patriarchal customs and mores of a male-dominated culture and society. The Judeo-Christian tradition attributes the genesis of all creation to a lone male deity, God. [T]here is the Trinity of God - three persons in one God - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (or Ghost), all of whom are masculine." How can the concept of God be without the woman?? Even those sistaz that say God was a woman, Y do they still stand behind the man. I am not professin' sistaz become independent, I'm merely statin' if he will not give you the mic, TAKE IT! It's clearly evident to me we cannot do it, correctly, without your commanding presence.

Y do I still feel sistaz can still spark da revolution? Y do I feel sistaz haven't thus far? These will be answered, but first, I want the reader to overstand that I intend no harm to those who this info does not pertain to (unfortunately, I would not be publishing such a piece unless I felt the majority of sistaz needed to lend an ear to this). As well, this is not a piece to "attack" sistaz, while biggin' up the bruthaz. I hope this will inspire sistaz to send DGT a piece tellin' us how bruthaz can spark da revolution. It's about balance.

I want to first point out Y I feel sistaz can be the spark to Afrikan liberation. To start out, I'd like to use then president, Gay (Jay) Edgar Hoover's quest to stop the next "black messiah", as he called it, with his infamous COINTELPRO operation. He had a 3-point rating scale to Afrikan organizationz that posed a threat to white supremacy in the late 60s, early 70s. With 3 being the highest, any organization ran by bruthaz received 1 point on the scale of being a threat. Any organization managed by bruthaz AND sistaz received 2 points. And lastly, any organization governed by Afrikan women received 3 points.

Clearly even this wicked cracka saw that if sistaz had they shit in check, Hoover and the rest of white supremacy would be in big trouble, so they had to device a counter-attack which I will elaborate on in a sec. If you were to look back in ourstory, you would find that some of the major battles fought were led by Afrikan women! But these Goddess' didn't sit in some office, behind the scenes, giving orderz thousandz of miles away via radio; these women fought, oftentymz, on the FRONTLINE! Sistaz of today carry that same spirit today, it's just many have been confused by the countless ill subliminalz perpetuated by YT.

An example of this attack on our sistaz happened at the 1997 Million Woman March, in Philadelphia, PA. It was completely different than the Million Man March of '95. Although both did nothin' other than serve as a million-plus cookout. But the deeper thing was that there were madd vendorz at the Woman March. Now you know you cain't get anything accomplished when there's all kindz of shit for sistaz to purchase!

In the Afrikan community, sistaz are the backbone of the family. Where we find many of our fatherz left (it must be noted that most fatherz were initially ousted by the government issuing the welfare program where poor families would not receive welfare unless the man of the house was kicked out), leaving many of our motherz with several mouths to feed, with little work available. True indeed, we can see sistaz are in there fightin', but do they know what they're fightin' about? or for? As just mentioned, the system could not risk having the Afrikan woman rise, so they needed to create a diversion! One of them is the cosmetic industry.

What does makeup have to do with detaining sistaz from liberation, you ask? Simple. Define beauty. What have you been taught (by YT) to be beautiful? Now ask yourself have you been taught what Afrikan beauty is? I've held this inside for a seriously long tyme, but this yearning led me to do more insight and research and what I thought seemz to be quite true: Afrikan women have been taught to be something other than what they are naturally! Y the attack on makeup? Because women are doing just that, making themselves up to be something they naturally are not! Our sistaz are contantly bein' told how to look, what's attractive to men and it's companies like Covergirl, Victoria's Secret, Avon, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and yes, even Essence (because they have these companies advertisements throughout the magazine). Now how does white supremacy fall into this? For one, the excessive amounts of chemical toxinz women induce not only causes eventual physical and health problemz, but it, most importantly, causes serious mental disorderz!

For instance, what is it you sistaz say you do to your hair, I'ma get my hair relaxed. Well what does " relax" mean? The illusion is that until chemicalz reach your hair, you consider your hair unrelaxed, or better yet, wild. But isn't " wild" s'posed to be free and natural? When you go to animal prison (zoo) and you see a lion, is he " relaxed" or "free"? We have been miseducated by hellywood to think that wild meanz uncivilized and beastly, which is commonly called "The Tarzan syndrome". But Afrika is not like dat, and you, descendant from Afrika, aren't like dat. Let's go deeper...

What was your hair like before your first temporary (perm)? It was natural and free. Yeah, we were taught by YT that kinky, knotty hair was bad so we yearned for our hair to be "more manageable", just like YTs. It is a known fact, through studies of arts and sciences in Kemet, everything in life is made in curves, spiralz and waves. The DNA chemical structure of your body is in a spiral; the curve of the Afrikan body is curved; sound moves in patternz in the form of waves; even the makeup of the Milky Way galaxy we live in is spiral; and yes, the molecular makeup of a strand of your natural hair is spiral. We see life in waves and spiralz, whereas we witness the absence of life, or energy, in flat lines (in the hospital, one can know your living by the pattern of waves on a respirator. If you expire, you see a flat line). So the same math must apply to hair as well.

What is hair? What is the use for it? It has long been noted that Afrikan spiral hair serves as "antennas" to our ancestral data banks. You ever get vybz or say something and don't know where it came from? It does come from within, but it is also assisted by the upper most part of your body, your hair. Look at your hair as if you would a tv antenna on top of a house. Our temple (body) is made of electronz, therefore, we have electric currents running through our body. That is also Y you can rub a balloon on top of your crown and stick it on a wall. The unfortunate thing is that many of us ignore the telekinetic vybz we receive from the universe via our hair and hair follicles.

If you were to take a strand of natural Afrikan hair and compare to "permed" hair, you would see that the "permed" hair seemz almost lifeless, whereas the spiral, kinky hair has several curves and shapes. This has a lot to do with the different chemical and biological makeup of Afrikanz opposed to YT (Read IZ YT Human? or Mutant! series). When you perm your hair, you are immensely dulling your connection to your ancestral data banks, which holdz the story of who you are, your spiritual connection to the Ancestorz, and your ability to enhance intuitive learning. The hundredz of thousandz of hair follicles are drowned with toxic-killing chemicalz that have turned our Goddess' into the material "wannabe" eurocentric-looking image she is today.

Gone are the knotty Nubian locks, real braidz and naturalz, in comes Essence, Ebony, Black Hair and countless other white dictated, black publicationz telling you what to do to your hair because they know, not only does the uppermost part of your temple house your Ancestral antennaz, the most important invention given by the Creative Force of all, YOUR AFRIKAN MIND. When I look back to the late 60s, sistaz were wearing naturalz and braiding their hair. This was the re-evolution of our Afrikan heritage. This strategic move scared YT so much that they had to dupe it, creating a diluted message by making the movie 10, which starred the sick looking Bo Derek, giving the official "Cracka pardon" for the natural look.

The cosmetic industry was diluted into the Afrikan community to alter the Afrikan meaning of beauty - which is within - to accommodate the western, eurocentric, unbalanced, sex crazed society we live in today. Bruthaz have become more attracted to the body than the mind, and sistaz, have relinquished their mental beauty for that moment they can " exhale" in the armz of a relationship that is primarily based on sex. I ain't gonna front, I suffer from the same addiction as most bruthaz. I have to literally retrain myself to not look at an Afrikan woman sexually, first, but mentally. This must be on the record because I don't want to make it seem as though I am cured from admiring the beauty of our women, I am simply relaying the symptomz, my prescription may not work for everyone.

One question puzzles me the most when on the topic of perming. If surgeonz stress not to get permz when you are pregnant because it may cause fetal damage, what makes you think it won't cause any damage to you when you're not?!!? The (brain) damage is already done when you let a common assertion such as this pass you by. This is Y I believe there has been a war declared on the Afrikan woman and she doesn't even know it! Something hellywood also did to further detach the Afrikan from our culture is convince everyone, through tell-a lie-vision, that to be natural with cowrie shellz and drumz would be duped as "voodoo" or "black magic". Remember the movie, Serpent and the Rainbow, with Lisa Bonet that was staged in the south where they had our people killing chickenz and showerin' themselves with the blood while playing drumz, singing and dancin'? This is this ignorant cracka using the silver-screen to instill lies of us bein' savages and performed demonic ceremonies, when in fact if you research masonry and other secret societies like Skull & Bones and fraternities, you will find it is they who perform demonic ritualz like initiates having anal intercourse with each the name of brotherhood!

So this is how they got bruthaz to fear the natural looking, shell wearing, spiritual sistaz and opt for the long straight-haired, made up (wannabe) sista we see today. No doubt, some of yaw look dope, but when I think of how we have been brainwashed to think being your natural looking self, the Creative Force blessed you with, is not enuff for you to feel you can show yourself in public, it makes I&I wonder just who you are trying to look like, Queen Tiye? or queen elizabeth?!!?

But even so, you have those sistaz that are now wearing the braided weaves. The beef is that it is still "fashion" if you are not doing it natural. Peep, not even 10 yearz ago, if you had a weave or extensionz, you were the punch line of every snap! Now, everybody wearing so-called "hair" because they say you don't have to worry about doing your hair, while you make them Koreanz rich. Yo, that's madd lazy, yo. I can't tell you how many 5 and 6 year-oldz I've seen that gotta weave. On top of that, according to health historian, Dr. Imhotep Llaila Afrika, there is a chemical used to make weaves called Cacinologue that causes not only mood swingz, but breast and prostate cancer!

One should take pride in his or her appearance instead of looking for a short-cut. I get vexed when I see my Afrikan sistaz with extensionz and blue and blond wigz because I have been locking my hair for a several yearz now and I've gone through madd shit gettin' to this point, and when I see a sista with the fake braidz, I think, yo, she does not have the overstanding of locks and is cheating the whole natural and spiritual process; therefore, skipping the whole meaning. Besides, with all the loot these weave and nail shops make off our sistaz, how many of these shops are Afrikan owned?!!? Most are owned by them Korean muthafuckaz and you know they takin' all the loot and using for their next relative they bring to America. Think about it, they not only feedin' us (chinese restaurants), they also definin' our beauty.

Afrikan women have been reprogrammed to believe what beauty is by someone who ain't Afrikan. And this non-Afrikan tellz our sistaz what is and what isn't beautiful and won't hesitate to sell it to her! Our most precious jewel, the Afrikan woman, is being attacked on all fronts. If it's not makeup or permz, it's douches and sanitary napkinz (take a look at the ingredients and you'll find douche's and padz cause yeast infectionz, leading to numerous cancerz and tumorz of the vagina, the gate of life).

I know most sistaz may be vexed at we right now, but, aside from all my personal critiques, the most important is that these chemi(killz) cause major damage to you sista. They say a nation can only rise as high as its woman. Well, sistaz we know we have been cella dwellaz for a madd long time. I think it's about tyme you give up Maybelline, Avon, Victoria Secret, Cosmopolitan and Dark & Lovely and think about what you are not only doing to your ancestral data banks, but your seedz. We bruthaz need you, we cannot rebuild without you, in fact, we need you to lead us!

That cracka is well aware that the Afrikan woman is the key to their demise and to combat this, has waged an all out subliminal war against your health (for if they can dictate your health habits like eating decayed flesh with high levelz of bovine growth hormones and steroidz which is Y our young Afrikan girls are reaching puberty earlier; 14 year oldz with the body of a sista in their mid-20s) and your mind [with toxic depleting chemi(kills) that dull your intuitive reasoning]. These 2 operationz have assisted in the ongoing delay of bruthaz and sistaz finally uniting and liberating us from the grips of white supremacy! When will you be ready Queenz?!!? WAKE UP! A large percentage of our fate is on your shoulderz! MORE FIRE!!

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