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Freedom Development Group Inc

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About Us
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Connecting on a personal level is an important part of sharing ideas. On this page we'll present some details about our organization and the people behind it.


The Freedom Development Group Inc. was created to provide

individuals, families and communities with the proper example for

self-sufficiency. Through our collective work and responsibility

framework and indigenous empowerment programs, the

Freedom Development Group offers you great opportunities and


To learn more about the Freedom Development Group Projects,

Volunteer your time and earn community service hours, or to

establish a business relationship of any kind, we welcome your

interest and involvement.

The Freedom Development Group Inc. is a non-profit, 501 (3)

corporation. We are truly appreciative of your generous

donations. As a charity organization your contributions,

sponsorship and support are the way in which we are able to

                    deliver the Freedom development Experience.





The Freedom Academy and Early Learning Institute are positive environments to help guide your child in the right direction. Cultural Education and Environmental Studies are the cornerstones of a developmentally appropriate curriculum.



The Freedom Farms is the vital organ of the Freedom Development Group. There are Freedom Farms on Florin Road in Sacramento to Native Reservations in Northern California down to Pittsburg & Richmond California. Instruction in seed collection, seed preservation, canning and drying foods, food security, alternative medical solutions, cooking, sewing and carving are available at any age level. There is always a need for volunteer workers!



The 15 Passenger Freedom Development Van provides shuttle services, cargo space and a safe and secure way for the Freedom Development Group and the extended family to travel to field trips or the annual Freedom Retreat. Please contact us for transportation needs.



Freestyle Promotions is leading the way for dynamic and free spirited artists to publish, distribute and perform their own genres of art. Working with religious denominations in San Francisco and student organizations in Davis, California Freestyle Promotions could be the contact you need to make.



The Freedom Development Group is currently committed to Modular Home Technology and Straw Bale Constructed Homes. The potential that exist in these areas is yet to be explored. Urban families are being forced out of the last affordable communities. A plan for attainable housing must be secured. If you are Interested in alternative Real Estate options, the Freedom Development Group is designed with your future in mind.